At an increasingly rapid pace, our business environment is getting converged and the boundaries between industries are becoming blurred. Much more dynamic competition makes it difficult for incumbent organizations to cope with these changes and to move faster than others.

Pathfinder helps you to analyze your organization's needs and secure visionary leaders who can drive innovation for the future so that you can respond quickly and effectively to these changes and lead the industry.

We believe simple searching and offering a talent pool is not enough. Instead, we provide a targeted acquisition based on a specific analysis of the industry and job by understanding industry trends and clients' strategic direction.

So we work with the client's HR team, carrying out a dedicated role based on a retainer agreement.

Talent Acquisition Service

Pathfinder's main support position

Chairman, public or ownership dispersed company
CEO of conglomerate
Executive level replacement & succession position

Leadership of new business area

Digital transformation talents
(Product owner, Data officer, AI, Cloud, CTO)

Professional skills required position
(M&A, legal, SCM, government affairs ...)

We provide 
step-by-step advice 
to identify and acquire talent, and 
it typically takes 
8~10 weeks

Phase 1.                               

Diagnose and strategize

Contract and Kick off

 (1 week)

  • Understand industry dynamics and client needs
  • Develop searching strategy and position specification
  • Share issues and needs
  • Agree searching strategy

Phase 2.                             

Identify and review

Confirmation letter & 
Position profile

(2~3 weeks) 

  • Survey external/internal sources
  • Identify target profiles
  • Develop a potential candidate list
  • Decision on the candidate list

Phase 3. 

Interview and present

Status presentation,
Candidate long list

(2 weeks)

  • Identify candidate and clients concerns
  • Support offer structuring
  • Reference check
  • Candidate interview
  • Offer decision

Phase 4. 

Select and contract

Candidate short list

Individual report

(2 weeks)

  • Contact and interview candidates
  • Prepare reports
  • Present qualified candidates
  • Decision on final candidates

Phase 5. 



(1/3/6 months after hiring)

  • Follow-up with clients and candidates to ensure successful transition (1/3/6 months after hiring)
  • Feedback to Pathfinder

Reputation Appraisal Service

Company Level

Identify primary challenges the company has by analyzing the gap between the perception of employees, partners, and shareholders and the target level the company wants to be

Talent level

Provide 360º reputation check for a talent considered as a potential candidate

Effective Board Building & Outside Board of Directors Recommendation

We suggest ...

a BOD structure considering industry characteristics, the current composition of the board of directors, and government requirements. After having the client’s approval for the structure, we identify potential outside candidates screened by reputation check for the best candidate selection.

Phase 1. 

Develop a search strategy based on the client’s circumstance and benchmark

Phase 2. 

Consensus building on search criteria

Phase 3. 

Develop first candidate pool & screen with client

Phase 4. 

Reputation check

Phase 5. 

Finalize outside board of director

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